Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Morning :D

I just woke up and decided: Fuck it, I dont want to go to school today. so Instead I am currently attempting to cook bacon for the first time(Im 18, and failing) but its not going so great. Defrosting for like 13mins now and still not thawed out. On a side not my friend is a DJ and he is looking for some fans. He does mostly Gabber and Hardstyle so heres his facebook page:

you can find all his music here:

Enjoy :)


  1. Don;t worry I'm 21 and i still can't cook bacon. That and frying hot dogs are the bane of my cooking existence lol

  2. fried hotdogs? lol, never tried that before :P

  3. i love hot dogs off the frying pan, i cannot eat them outta the just tastes wrong for some reason

  4. nah, grilling or boiling is the way to go for hot dogs (Y) I got my bacon cooked though, and it was awesome.